Jason Groupp - Things I’ve Learned in the Last Six Years


“It was quite a transition…kinda like crash landing on Mars.”

Jason Groupp’s life has taken some interesting turns. From successful photographer to working behind the scenes of WPPI to his current venture as President of Song Freedom/Fyrefly, he’s seen a LOT during his time in our “industry”.

“From the outside looking in, I loved WPPI.”

2:10 Who is Jason Groupp?
3:39 First Taking the Job at WPPI
5:59 Learning about a hard “No”
10:17 Lessons Learned
13:37 My New Role (St. Louis vs NYC)
16:36 Things are Different Now: Innocence Lost
19:15 There is no photography “industry”
24:22 Mr President
25:42 The Next Year or Two
27:16 Are things trending in a positive way?

“I’ve always been surrounded by creative people. I grew up in a creative family.”

Jason Groupp is awesome. If you've met him it was life changing. He shot lots of weddings, then he worked for WPPI, then he moved to St. Louis and is currently studying the fine art of brisket BBQ rub. He also spends his days in the offices of Fyrfly-Songfreedom where he helps photographers and filmmakers find perfect music to bring life to their videos.

“Being in the industry, there’s definitely an innocence that I’ve lost.”