Look Who's Talking


Hi, I'm Jed.

20 years ago, I married a girl with a camera.

At that point, I knew she was talented and driven, but I had no idea how driven. I certainly found out.

We started a photography business out of our home. It grew fast. We built a large studio in an old bowling alley. The business kept growing. We hired employees. We remodeled and expanded and bought the building. We hired several more employees. We started speaking and traveling and teaching all over the world.

We adopted our daughter and I watched in awe as the girl with a camera became a mom with a camera.

We moved to Minnesota to work more with WHCC and we kept the building and the business in Illinois. We started a business in Minnesota. We adopted a little boy. I fell in love with podcasting and helping photographers be successful.

We moved back to Illinois. We're still working with WHCC and we're also rebuilding our photography business.

This Conversation is a podcast that's a bit different. Most of the time, the guests pick their own topics. I want to talk to people about the things they have to say. And you're invited to listen in.

Be educated. Be entertained. Be empowered.

Thanks for stopping by.

- Jed Taufer