Jacklyn Greenberg On Confidence with Clients


“I’m trying to streamline and refine everything to such an extent that I can get back to being me again.”

Increase your productivity, creativity and resiliency while providing a client experience that makes them love you more and spend more, too! Take the risk out of your clients’ hands, and put it into your own. Make the art of photography second nature to your clients, allowing them to be themselves and relax in front of you. If you're feeling stuck in your business, your photography or your life, then this class is for you! Find your value and worth and apply it to every aspect of your business. Learn to put your personality into your branding, client experience, look and feel (editing) of your photography and your studio. Most of all, learn to have confidence in every aspect of working with your clients.

“When we downsized, we started making more money.”

1:26 Eight is the Magic Number
3:02 Who is Jacklyn Greenberg
5:21 Refining My Business
6:14 How Do You Get Away from Constantly Thinking About Your Business?
8:50 The Glass Ceiling
10:01 The Importance of Confidence
13:15 How have you pushed yourself?
15:48 Transitioning Personal Confidence to Confidence with Your Clients
18:28 What do you do to get there?
26:43 To Those That Are Stuck

“Confidence is a skill. It’s something that’s built.”

Jacklyn's edge lies in her unique ability to engage and connect with people on a level that delves beyond the surface and into the deeper realm of energy and emotion. This comes, in part, from her extensive travels and immersion in foreign cultures with extended stays overseas in Italy and Australia. After earning degrees in both fine arts and environmental chemistry, she decided to follow her passion and add her intense voice with her inherent air of hyper-realism to the photography world. Her work has been featured in numerous bridal publications including the first gay wedding in Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine and the cover stories of Destination Wedding Magazine, Cake and Whiskey, and Grace Ormonde Wedding Style New England Magazine. She's also been honored with multiple awards in Junebug Weddings, Fearless Photographers, ISPWP, and PDN Top Knot's Contest.

“If you push yourself hard enough, you’re going to fail.”