Jacquelynn Buck - My Portrait Session Process

“I think one of the things I learned the hard way was that you can’t do this job half-assed.”

Jacquelynn Buck knows a good process is essential. It doesn’t need to be complex but it needs to be something that works and that you can actually implement.

“You find the thing that works and you just keep doing it.”

2:02 Who is Jacquelynn Buck?
5:48 Why talk about your process?
8:31 What does it look like? 
13:55 Why are consultations so important?
19:52 The Session Premiere
24:56 The In-Person Sales Appointment
29:57 What about digital files? 
32.57 Advice

“I know from experience that if I only sell a client a digital file, they are not going to do a dang thing with that image.”

Jacquelynn is a portrait and wedding photographer based in Tucson, AZ & growing in Orange County, California. Whether in the desert or at the beach, Jacquelynn’s vibrant images are distinct and recognizable because of the lighting she incorporates into every image  – shaping and shifting with shadows, exposing and softening with sunlight, building drama with off camera lighting, and wowing with sunflare. From dramatic to ethereal, she has a breadth of work that is both current and glamorous, set against everything from iconic vistas to classic studio backdrops. Boudoir photography is her first love, and her shadows, and light, combined with flattering poses have helped women across the US feel and look beautiful. Jacquelynn has traveled extensively, lived in 6 different States, and survived relocating her business while maintaining a strong client base all over the country. Jacquelynn enjoys fresh roasted coffee, fine food, rooftop bars, wine, & traveling to far off places. This is her 8th year teaching at WPPI.

“You can’t sell what you don’t show.”