Brian and Dena DeMint - One of a Kind


“I’m not arrogant enough to think that I’m all that.”

Brian and Dena DeMint are truly one of a kind. They forge their own path and do things their own way. If you’re looking for inspiration, empowerment, or maybe just a few good laughs, look no further.

“I’m a total control freak.”

0:23 BTS Honesty
1:35 That Ethereal Look
2:26 How I Know You
6:33 Background and Working Together
8:47 Learning Process
10:04 Different is a Good Word
12:06 The Road Less Traveled
13:19 A Turning Moment
15:52 Haters Gonna Hate
20:09 Dena’s Perspective
22:36 Rod Evans Pulls a Fast One
26:44 One of a Kind
27:24 Lost and Found

“I see myself as an outsider artist…like, Art Brut type of thing.”

Brian DeMint is an art/fashion photographer based in Joplin, Missouri. Formally trained as an oil painter, he made the switch to photography in 2004 and is self-educated in both photography and digital manipulation. By combining the classic elements and principles of design in place of technically advanced equipment, he strives to create visually striking imagery with an emphasis on expressive color and unique fashioning.
Brian’s publishing credits include: Digital Photo Pro, Cliche’ Magazine, Sessions Magazine, AfterCapture Magazine, Cut & Dry, Conceptual Magazine and many fashion based magazines. Brian lectures on a National level as a four-year speaker for Shutterfest, PPA State events, Imaging USA 2013, Canadian Imaging 2012, After Dark Workshops, Sandy Puc’ Tours and Inferno workshops and appeared on the PhotoVision DVD series.

“I’m really not goal driven. I just create what I do and if people like it, that’s great and if they don’t, that’s great as well.”