Dave and Makayla Harris - Our Story


“It took a bit to realize, like, ‘Ok, this is what he’s better at’.”

Makayla Jade & Dave Harris are a young, married couple working together to make it all happen. Listen to a bit of their story and find out about their struggles, what they’ve learned over the past few years, and where they’re headed.

“We were worried about asking dumb questions.”

0:17 We just met at Shutterfest…for real.
1:32 “Who are Dave and Mykayla Harris?”
3:29 Transition
5:53 The Struggles of Being Married and Working Together
9:22 What are you excited about that’s coming up?
10:45 Out of the Bubble
12:06 Attributing Success
14:47 IPS and Video Marketing
17:09 Where to find Dave and Makayla
17:52 Advice
18:58 Call to Action

“I think I (attribute) a lot of our past success to (networking).”

Makayla Jade & Dave Harris, owners of The Harris Company, developed a brand distinguished by providing an elevated photo/ cinema client experience, propelling their business to reaching multiple six-figures, serving clients all over the northeast, in less than 3 years.  Rather than focusing on a specific style of photography, they’ve built a conglomerate of brands ranging from weddings, commercial films, and studio portraiture, all targeting a niche clientele that places a high value on printed products & photographic art.  

With backgrounds in finance and consulting, paired with a passion for the creative industries, Dave and Makayla are recognized for their business ingenuity and marketing efforts.  Featured in major industry magazines & conferences, Makayla and Dave sharing techniques involving business systems, brand marketing, and unique approach to educating clients about the importance of print and investing in heirlooms.

“You need to build a community around you to support you.”