Nicki Hufford Figures it Out


“I’ve focused a lot on athletes because that’s what I love.”

Nicki Hufford knows what she’s good at and what she isn’t good at. And when she needs to make something happen, she figures it out.

“I love to build something out of nothing.”

1:29 - Something From Nothing

4:44 - Techniques and Space

7:39 - Why Photography?

11:24 - Failing

13:38 - The Socials and Variation

17:29 - Lighting

18:48 - The Two Best Light Stands

21:34 - The Best Ways

23:37 - Things Learned from Sports

25:49 - The Next 5-10

28:49 - Finding Nicki

“Failing gets easier.”

Nicki Hufford has over 10 years of experience and is quickly becoming on of the most sought after senior photographers in the country. She was recently name one of the top 100 senior photographers in the world and was added to the 30 to watch list for senior photography. She has also won many awards and has been featured both at the local and national level.

She grew up in Vienna, Ohio where she followed her first dream of playing softball at the collegiate level. She then married her high school sweet heart, Paul and together they now run Nicki Hufford Photography. They have a beautiful daughter named Maddog (aka Madison) and they are both heavily involved in the world of softball.

“I love learning.”