Amanda Holloway is Driven


“I knew at a very young age what I wanted to be doing.”

Amanda Holloway may be known as one of the queens of business and pricing, but she has some very special reasons for being so driven when it comes to pricing appropriately, making money, and saving well.

“The way I teach (pricing) is completely backwards.”

1:24 - No. 2

3:47 - Criminal Justice

6:38 - Unapologetic

8:59 - An Awesome Kid

10:34 - Reasons to Save

15:38 - Financial Education

19:10 - What to “Worry” About

21:50 - Pay Yourself First

26:34 - Where to Begin?

30:42 - Benefits vs Features

33:41 - “I hope you lose clients.”

37:39 - Amanda’s Education Resources

“You don’t have to do this alone.”

Amanda Holloway is an industry leading and award winning high school senior photographer renowned for her fashion forward photography style with a modern twist showcasing each senior’s unique personality and trend. She is known for her fresh and modern senior portraits that allow her clients to focus on their true beauty while offering a couture senior portrait experience unlike any other. Amanda has earned the respect of her peers around the world and accolades from industry print and web media outlets as well as selling out one of the top senior photography workshops every year.



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“Sit down and do the work.”