Dan Rowe - Beyond Emulation


“There’s so much repetition of the same thing, over and over and over.”

Dan Rowe thinks people should move beyond emulation.

“I think I just have a unique perspective.”

1:16 Down-home Dan

4:05 Interesting Commentary

9:21 Take a Different Path

13:09 Getting Stuck in Styling

18:14 Not An Activist

22:52 Tables Turned

24:25 The Brass Tacks

28:33 Dumb Luck and a Wrap Up

“I think my style has evolved because I didn’t follow a given path.”

Dan Rowe is the photographer and owener of Rowe Portrait Studios in Oakland City, IN. The studio is a small, yet successful studio and in the 12 years that the business has existed, Rowe Portrait Studios has offered just about every single type of photography for clients. Volume schools and leagues, weddings, seniors, families, children, and newborn, boudoir and events all are on the list of offered services. Through the studio’s evolution though we have come to a focus on family needs, with seniors, family sessions and children being the main offerings.

Dan is an accomplished photographer most known for creative lighting and posing used in his senior work. Twice a winner of WPPI’s former IPC bi-annual senior image competition and a Cr. Photog. degree holder as recognized by the Professional Photographers of America. In the years it was an active conference, Dan was an integral team member of After Dark Education a photography experience/conference that molded many of today’s most successful portrait artists. Dan is still creating exceptional work and was recently awarded the Photographer of the Year Award at the Seniors and Youth National Convention (SYNC) in Destin FL. Dan’s past and education give him a less artful, more analytical approach to solving problems that may arise while working as a photographer and the feedback received from this unique approach has been overwhelmingly positive by attendees in Dan’s classes across the US.

“I really care about the people I know.”