Miyo Strong is Fierce


“Nothing is a linear path up.”

Miyo Strong has seen a series of changes and shifts throughout her 23 year career as a photographer that have contributed to an enviable strength and a formidable will.

“Fitness has always been a huge happy spot and coping mechanism for me.”

1:39 A Rambling Compliment

4:23 Whose Assistant Are You?

6:11 The Last 23 Years

8:45 Martial Arts

12:15 Being Better Thru Jiu Jitsu

15:47 Becoming Specialized

18:54 Creating a Safe Space

21:46 It’s Not Your Fault

24:15 A Realization

“I can give my attention fully when I have been taken care of.”

Miyo Strong is a third generation photographer who has been in the portrait business for over 23 years. Earning both her Masters and Craftsman before she turned 30 from PPA she focuses mostly on families and corporate photography now. She is a mother of 3 and active Jiu Jitsu competitor. Miyo teaches women’s self defense seminars, strength and conditioning classes as well as shoots part time. You can find her on IG @miyostrong and @utahjitsmama

“Painful conversations/painful experiences, lead to breakthroughs.”