Drake Busath - The Craftsman


“I’m a cryer...I come unglued.”

Drake Busath considers himself more of a craftsman as opposed to an artist. He’s a second generation photographer in the process of handing the reigns over to the next generation of his family.

“Working with your family can be challenging.”

1:00 The Cold Cryer

2:58 The Boys and the Business

4:49 Being Sick

8:07 The Common Threads

13:11 Business vs. Art

16:21 Passing It On

20:26 The Next Generation and Italy

25:10 Finding Ambition Again

29:23 Establishing Your Own Thing

32:01 The Exit Door

33:51 The Italy Workshops

“I’ve never considered myself an artist…I think of myself as a craftsman.”

Drake Busath is known both for his commissioned portraiture and his travel photography. He currently operates Busath Studio & Gardens, one of the nations premiere portrait studios, along with a staff of 15. He also founded Italy Workshops and for 20 years has guided many hundreds of photographers on personal fine-art journeys in Italy and France.

Drake’s teaching has been described as unpretentious and innovative. He’s been invited to present seminars at professional associations across Australia, Asia, Europe and Canada as well most states in the U.S. He’s been a regular speaker at Imaging USA. His work has been featured on the cover of Professional Photographer Magazine numerous times and published in many other professional journals.

Recognitions include:

* Masters and Craftsman Degrees from Professional Photographers of America.

* Charter member of XXV, a society of photographers world-wide.

* Numerous Loan Collection honors (PPA)

* Best of State, Portraiture Utah, 9 years running

* PPA National Award for service to the industry

Drake and his wife Liz have 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

“I’ve built this exit door, but I don’t know how to go through it.”