Matt Meiers - It’s Never Too Late

“I don’t care about some things anymore.”

After 50 years on this Earth, Matt Meiers knows why he’s here.

“I know what we’re doing matters.”

1:31 What Makes People Smile

3:24 The 50 Switch

5:25 Why I’m Here

6:48 Three Hashtags

9:28 So Many Angels

16:13 Giving

20:49 Too Important

22:54 Vision and Reality

27:00 More to Do

32:10 Where to Go for Info and to Donate

“Stop ‘justing’”.

Matt Meiers is a bodyscape and portrait artist based in Pittsburgh, PA who believes that the art of creating amazing images starts with the experience. Matt believes that each client is unique, and they deserve to have a session tailored to make them feel special. The experience he creates has carried over into So Many Angels, a non-profit he founded late in 2017 whose mission is to empower and inspire child warriors battling cancer, so that they can become whoever or whatever they want to be WHEN they grow up.  

He often repeats these messages, sometimes out loud, sometimes just to himself:

* The fastest way to do things you think can’t be done is to surround yourself with people already doing them.

* What is the work that you can’t NOT do? Find it.

“Once you start giving, it gets addicting.”