Mike Ridinger On Evolving within the Evolution


“I’m not a grown-up adult.”

So much has changed in the last 20-30 years and Mike Ridinger has weathered the storms. Hear about his highs and lows and what he’s learned along the way.

“Years ago I used cameras that had something called ‘film’”.

0:25 “Dinger”

3:03 Responding to Evolution

5:57 Dave Junion and Santa Clause

8:00 A Legal Professional

10:51 A Huge Transition

14:28 Children and Weddings and Senior Models, Oh My!

20:41 Branching Out and Innovation

24:07 Constructive Critique and Competition

26:56 Sports and Events are Huge Right Now

30:37 Positive Outlook and Surprises

33:05 Give Me Arrogance

35:01 Ch-Ch-Changes

“Digital came out right around the time I kept telling people, ‘Film will never die. It will never be replaced.’”

Mike Ridinger has been a full time photographer for over 34 years and is based in North Idaho. He has spoken at PPA Imaging, SYNC, After Dark, Light Pro Expo, and several state affiliates. Mike (or Dinger as he is known) has a knack for teaching in a way that is easy to understand and is a popular instructor everywhere he goes. Mike has 2 sons, Keaton and Cade. He received his Craftsman Degree in 2014.

“Personally I think that everyone that had a camera was able to do photography to some degree.”