Troy Schroeder - The Polaroid

photo by Dan McClanahan

photo by Dan McClanahan

“I started to have questions…”

The process of finding your place can be very hard and very beautiful at the same time.

“I was developing a very large depression…as a young child.”

1:15 A Couple of Snake Guys

2:39 Troy’s Story…the Early Years

8:02 Believing a Lie

10:53 Can you tell me who my mom is?

15:02 The Hole Gets Bigger

“I had all the friends in the world, but at the same time I felt like I had nobody.”

17:52 Dad

20:16 Hiding Depression and Stepping Back

22:26 I’m a Schroeder.

23:58 The Polaroid

26:43 Grateful

31:08 Where to find Troy

“When people tell you something for so long, I think you start to believe it.”

I’ve been asked to tell you about myself, and that is never easy, so I’ll start with the easy stuff…40 year-old, married, with one child. I like long walks on the beach and I’m a Gemini. Food is my best friend, and I’m a photographer for the past 11 years. Though I love the studio life, I think my real passion in the industry is education. I love humanity as well…giving back. And this “job” has allowed me to service so many. From helping the homeless to shoe drives, and so on. Fun fact about me: I raise snakes, ball pythons to be exact, and I LOVE IT. If you fear them, look me up and I’ll help you overcome that fear. I serve on the PPA Speaker Committee and I’m one of two Iowa PPA Council members, along with serving on the Iowa PPA Board. My wife and I run the studio together along with taking care of our two dogs, 150-gallon fish tank, African Grey Parrott, two tortoises, nine bearded dragons, one frilled dragon and many, many snakes…oh, and our 17-year-old son, Michael.

By now, you can probably tell I’m not very good at this as I’m rambling…I never know what to say. I’ll leave you with this…If you have the opportunity to help someone, DO it. And, as Mother Teresa said, “If you can’t feed one hundred, feed just one.“

“I wanted this cut and dry story...”