Jen Bertrand On Rebranding


“I always wanted to be an artist…like a real artist, you know?”

Jen Bertrand is a lot of fun. She’s also sharp as a tack. A few years ago she and her husband underwent a big move, had a baby, and completely rebranded her business. Find out how she navigated such big changes and what she learned in the process.

“It’s really neat to see, kind of, where my creative limits are, and then push past those.”

1:37 The Deep Question

4:27 Getting Personal

7:28 Handling the Influx

11:10 The Rut of Success

13:50 The Hubs

16:18 Starting Over

18:50 And then, a Baby

21:51 Facades and Commitments

24:25 Kinda Edgy

27:22 What is your purpose?

31:10 Compassion vs Bitterness

35:36 Finding Jen

“What fun is it being stagnant?”

Jen Bertrand is a portrait photographer who specializes in editorial, magazine-style imagery that speaks to the individual. She is known for her modern and edgy approach to photography, as well as adding her personal touch to the entire client experience. Jen also teaches studio lighting and other photography techniques to photographers through conferences, mentorships, and workshops, including her own studio lighting workshop called Enlighten. She is the go-to photographer for creative professionals, brands, and teens looking for original and fresh images that lean way from industry clichés. Jen is based in Dallas where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and their dog. Check out more of her work at and on Instagram at @JenBertrandPhoto

“Evolve or die.”