Braedon Flynn On Pricing for Profit


“I have saved a princess. Once.”

Braedon Flynn is a phenomenal wedding and event photographer. Take this opportunity to learn from someone who’s superpower is “High Capacity”.

“I still don’t ever give my prices until I talk to a couple.”

0:19 A Knight in California

2:43 Sorta Fell Into Weddings

4:47 Self-awareness, Being Picky, and Custom Pricing

8:57 Shooting Bands

10:25 Seamless Transitions

11:51 Where to Begin?

13:40 Emulation

16:13 A Business Mindset

18:31 High Capacity

22:20 Just Being

23:47 The Importance of Pricing for Profit

28:35 Perception

32:24 Paid for the Pain

33:12 Pricing for Repeat Clients

34:29 A Scary Year…Priced Out of the Market

36:32 Networking as a Solution

38:22 The Calculated Leap of Faith

40:22 Hustling with Purpose

42:05 Need-to-know Learning -

47:00 Finding Braedon -

“As a wedding photographer you have to be good at so many different types of photography.”

Braedon is a Southern California based destination wedding photographer who specializes in shooting analog film. He works with some of the top wedding planners in the industry photographing weddings and events all over the world.

Along with being a photographer, Braedon is a content creator, educator, and entrepreneur. In 2014, he launched a video blog and later podcast called The Artist Report and then a 2nd Podcast focusing on photographers called The Photo Report. In 2016, Braedon launched a company called - a member based online store and community where members get discounts on film and other photographer related products and services. In 2017, Braedon launched his own personal YouTube channel as an educational Vlog series talking about business and photography.

“Instead of trying to get better at your weaknesses, really focus on your strengths and bring someone on that is good in those areas.”