Alycia Alvarez - We Need to Exist in Portraits


“I am actually pretty good about printing my favorites and I do have a lot of pictures in my house.”

Alycia Alvarez knows more than most how important it is that we exist in portraits.

“I want to practice what I preach.”

2:03 Something Important

5:56 The Back Burner

8:47 Sadness and Peace

11:02 A Year Ago Exactly

15:07 Wrestling

16:33 Then…

19:41 At the End of the Day

22:20 We Need to Exist in Portraits

23:54 Best Memory

24:57 Now

28:06 The Snow Cone Machine

31:02 Finding Ah•Lish•Ah

“I don’t want all my memories to be on my phone.”

Based in Keller, TX (in the DFW area), Alycia also travels to Tampa, FL several times a year. With over 17 years as a full time professional photographer in the industry, Alycia has been capturing priceless memories and milestones “officially” since 2001 and is sought after for both portrait sessions and as an educator for photographers. She has an out-going and silly personality which puts her subjects at ease in front of the camera and makes her sessions lots of fun for everyone!

She has always had a passion for photography. During her years in college, she studied the art of black and white film photography. After becoming a mother herself, she realized how quickly her children changed right before her very eyes. Relentlessly, she began to document their little lives through countless photographs, which she knew would capture a glimpse of the person they were at each particular moment in their life. In addition to creating beautiful portraits, Alycia is also an international award winner, print competition judge and educational speaker, teaching thousands of photographers from across the world every year.

“We need to exist in portraits.”