Sally Sargood - Video Marketing on Social Media


“I found myself at the forefront of this…new way to market your business.”

Sally Sargood has been in the biz for quite some time. She’s an expert at many things marketing. Here, she talks about the how’s and why’s of integrating video marketing with social media.

“It’s important to tell your story with words (on the video). Nobody shares ads. They share stories.”

0:26 “She’s going to explode.”

3:01 Sally’s Story

7:56 Jumping into Video Marketing

10:50 The Marriage of Social Media and Video Marketing

14:01 Tips, Advice, and Stats

17:57 Response to the Naysayers

19:33 Engagement Through Authenticity

21:39 Marketing for the Foreseeable Future

25:32 The Empathy Challenge and What’s Next

28:07 Whoever is First, Wins (Usually)

29:25 In Closing

“What you see depends mostly on what you look for.”

For 28 years, Sally Sargood’s passion has been photography. Her role has always been behind the scenes but entrenched in the business of photography.  From working in sales and marketing for pro labs, to Personal Assistant and Studio Manager for Jerry Ghionis, her’s is a very unique situation where she’s seen first hand the many changes seen the photography industry over the last 20+ years. In 2010 she started a consulting business called I Need a Sally, offering photographers help in their businesses.   Her audience quickly expanded and photography vendors also began seeking her advice. In 2013 she began working with Animoto moving to New York City soon after to work full time out of their NYC office. She started out in Marketing, running the Pro Photography division at Animoto, but has recently totally embraced video, taking on the role of Video Production Manager which quickly escalated to her current role as Social Media Strategist. .  With video becoming a necessity on social media,, she s at the forefront of this latest trend in marketing your business.

“I think it’s really important just to put yourself out there.”