Nicollette Mollet On Realizing Her Dream

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“I experimented with photography for the first time in middle school.”

Nicollette Mollet loves fashion. It’s been her inspiration since she was a young girl with dreams of becoming a fashion photographer. Listen in as she talks about how she made it happen and what it looks like today.

“My fashion work is kind of like my artwork.”

0:26 A Little Bit About Nicollette

5:17 Dreams Come True

7:34 Starting a Business

9:50 Learning The Hard Way

12:00 The Results of Pricing Appropriately

13:13 The Client Experience

16:12 Collaborating with Hair and Makeup Artists

18:45 Frequency, Post, and the Sale

23:20 Breaking into the Industry Today

24:44 Where to Find Nicollette

“We treat each senior shoot like a fashion shoot.”

Having received her BFA in Photography from The Art Institute of Dallas in December 2013 [with Dean’s Honors], Nicollette Mollet currently resides in Dallas, TX.

Nicollette has been fortunate enough to receive many awards such as Outstanding Graduate and Best Portfolio from The Art Institute of Dallas, 17th Annual Photographic Award by Toni & Guy Salon/Academy, and The People’s Choice Award from RAW Natural Born Artists: RAWards Semi-Finals. She has also been featured in multiple events and galleries such as Million Air’s Wings & Wheels Events, Pegasus Gallery, RAW: Natural Born Artists: Encompass & Semi-Finalists (Director’s Highlights). Her work has been featured in publications such as Papercity, Modern Luxury DALLAS, LIVING Magazine, The Urban Well Magazine, Wallflower Zine, GLASSbook, ATLAS Magazine, Elléments Magazine, THRWD Magazine, Elegant Mag, La Mode Dallas, and many more.

Nicollette enjoys capturing the human emotions and movements of all kinds of beautiful people while never forgetting to incorporate the fashion and aesthetics.

“The way I work is so against industry standard.”