Operation: Marketing Plan 2019

It’s that time of year when, as business owners, we should be working on our marketing plans for 2019. Maybe you’ve already gotten started. If not, here are nine podcasts from This Conversation presented by WHCC featuring some amazing marketers to provide you with some information and inspiration.


Teri Fode

How to Keep a Client for Life

Teri Fode is an award-winning photographer specializing in fashion-inspired teen and senior portraits that also grow into family portraits, boudoir and headshot opportunities. She has created a successful luxury brand in her market, having started 13 years ago by growing from a small in-home production studio using the client's home for sales and consults into a boutique-style brand.Kari Campbell

Phillip Blume

Building a Successful Photo Business in a Bad Market

Phillip & Eileen Blume are award-winning photographers who believe in the power of art to change the world. Widely published, they work with wedding and portrait clients worldwide and are founders of ComeUnity Workshops for photographers. The Blumes have built a successful business in what many would consider a "bad" or certainly "challenging" market. Find out what they've done to make it happen.

Jen Bertrand


Jen Bertrand is a portrait photographer who specializes in editorial, magazine-style imagery that speaks to the individual. She is known for her modern and edgy approach to photography, as well as adding her personal touch to the entire client experience. Jen is a lot of fun. She’s also sharp as a tack. A few years ago she and her husband underwent a big move, had a baby, and completely rebranded her business. Find out how she navigated such big changes and what she learned in the process.

Sean Brown

An Intro to Video Marketing

Sean Brown is a young senior photographer who has his finger on the pulse of today’s clientele. He’s an expert at incorporating video into his marketing and he believes it’s essential for you to do the same. Get ready to take some notes as he flies through his thoughts and ideas.

Christine Tremoulet

The Power of Storytelling in Your Business

Christine Tremoulet loves the power of “story” and thinks your clients do, too. She is all about blogging has some great reasons why. If you’ve never blogged, or have written it off, you may want to rethink your position. And if you currently blog, listen in for some great tips and advice.

vicki Taufer

Relationship Marketing

Vicki Taufer owns V Gallery and has been in the photography business for 20 years. She’s found that relationships are of the utmost importance both with your clients and with other business owners who you can team up with from a marketing standpoint.

Kari Campbell

A Fresh Perspective

Kari Campbell is a story teller at heart.  She has been telling others’ stories for 20 years, first as a broadcast journalist and now as an interior decorator.

Kari Campbell Interiors specializes in helping clients create spaces within their homes where they can relax and create meaningful memories.  She passionately believes your home should tell the story of who you are and what you love.  Kari is a wife, mom and creative entrepreneur based in Minneapolis.

Sally Sargood

Video Marketing on Social Media

For 28 years, Sally Sargood’s passion has been photography. Her role has always been behind the scenes but entrenched in the business of photography. She’s an expert at many things marketing. Here, she talks about integrating video marketing with social media.

Karen Marie

Providing an Experience from Start to Finish

Karen Marie owns Belly Beautiful, a successful professional photography studio in California. Focusing primarily on maternity and newborn sessions, she works hard to make sure her clients get the best experience possible. Here, she runs through her process from start to finish.