Craig Stidham On Selling Yourself


“Your “self” should be the number one selling item on your price list.”

Craig Stidham is all about selling yourself, and he implements some great techniques to make that happen.

“I think print is becoming a lost art. It’s nice to see your work big.”

1:11 - Floatin’ Boats

3:09 - Portfolios

6:30 - Selling Yourself

8:41 - Extracting an Experience

15:09 - Pastor Joel

17:08 - Retouching and Self-Reflection

20:11 - The Old vs the New

23:32 - Afraid to Fail

26:03 - Victories

27:58 - Happy Accidents Become Habit

32:10 - The Left Turn

34:53 - The Evolution of Change

36:55 - The New Way

42:07 - Success

49:55 - Finding Craig

“You are the product.”

Craig Stidham is a professional fashion and portrait photographer based in Texas. Craig was photographically born into the fashion world in October 1994 after receiving a formal education in photography. He has been published in several fashion and photography magazines, as well as billboards across the country. After teaching at the college level for more than seven years, it was time to become more creative and break out. In 2010, Craig began teaching workshops, touring the US as a speaker for industry conferences, and published his first book, “Fashion Seniors.” Two years later, his second book, “Dynamic Posing Guide,” sold over 5,000 copies on Amazon in three days, placing it on the retailing giant’s Top 100 Photography Books list. In 2014, Craig was the lead photographer for “Green Bay: A City and Its Team,” a book written by Jim Hurley and commissioned by the NFL Hall of Fame to document and highlight the rich history of the Green Bay Packers. His hard work and signature style have always shown him to be a risk-taker, catching the eye of social media pages Instafashion and Vogue Venezuela, as well as Dish Network’s Fashion TV whose spotlight on both him and his images on display in London thrust him onto the international fashion stage. Craig has an “open house” attitude, always willing to take time for others and answer questions for those who call.

Craig is currently sponsored by Bowens USA, Photobiz, and Savage Universal, and his speaking resume includes WPPI, Imaging USA, SYNC Seniors, MDPPA, WTPPA, After Dark, Foto Chaos, Creative Fashion Artist USA, Sandy Puc’s Hands On Tour, and Senior Style Guide’s The Push Conference.

“My success revolves around my family.”