Dan McClanahan - Good Photographer/Great Dad


“It’s been fun to figure out that there’s stuff in life that I care about infinitely more than I care about my job.”

Dan McClanahan is one of the best photographers you’ll ever meet. And he’s an even better dad.

“I never understood (families) before I had my own.”

1:33 - The Focal Point

5:04 - The Impact of Kids

6:59 - What Suffers?

9:31 - Hope

13:54 - A Dad and an Entrepreneur

15:59 - Tricks of the Trade and Dad Fans

20:05 - Challenges, Inspiration, and Trends

26:33 - Community

“I wanna be tight with my kids.”

Dan McClanahan became a photographer in 2009 with the goal of creating a fresh alternative to traditional photography in his market. His quest was so successful that his work quickly made waves in the photo industry with multiple Grand Imaging Awards, WPPI awards, magazine features and becoming one of the youngest photographers on record to receive all three photography degrees bestowed by PPA. Dan has given back to the photography community as an educator, teaching numerous times at Imaging USA, SYNC, After Dark Education, PhotoVision and several smaller events. He owns and operates McClanahan Studio with his best friend and beautiful wife, Alex, and splits his time between advertising photography and modern high school senior photography. The couple lives and works in a 12k sq/ft historic building they renovated and share with nine tenants.

Outside of work, Dan is a small town Iowa introvert that loves Jesus, his family, punk rock drumming, and strong coffee.

“I’m constantly in a mindset of wanting to improve.”