Eric Floberg - The Importance of Intentionality


“I started shooting videos in the seventh grade.”

Eric Floberg has obtained success, in part, by intentionally taking the stairs, so to speak.

“It’s very easy for the client to cry.”

1:41 - “Tyler and Elle”

6:26 - Everybody Gets a “B”

7:32 - Diving In

9:23 - Above and Beyond

11:08 - Organic So Far

13:14 - Connecting with Clients

15:58 - The Importance of Community

20:12 - The Crossroad

23:22 - The Both/And

25:03 - The Intentionality of the Creativity

26:46 - Intentionality

30:15 - It Just Takes One

32:22 - What Matters

34:53 - Time for Family

35:59 - Wisdom and Honor

39:51 - Move

43:15 - Education Resources

“There are plenty of ways you can grow a wedding film making business.”

Eric Floberg is an award winning wedding and portrait photographer/filmmaker based out of Chicago, IL. His first passion is photographing and filming some of the most important and intimate parts of peoples’ lives, but having been a trained educator, he is extremely excited with the opportunity to teach in the wedding photography and filmmaking community at large. Eric also started a Youtube channel in 2018 and continues to regularly produce content related to photography, filmmaking, and general entertainment. He has a wife and two children (with one more on the way) and works out of the studio space Creative Club Chicago on the city’s north side.

“I don’t do any formal marketing at all.”