Carl Caylor - Refined Creativity


“Maybe it’s not just about learning how to use your camera.”

Refined Creativity might require becoming less refined in general.

“(Our industry) is new again. It’s evolving.”

1:20 - The Slide Tray Carrier

5:17 - Perception and Evolution

8:31 - Enjoy the Moment

10:48 - Taking Time

12:23 - The Enemy

15:32 - Likes

17:45 - Working Smarter, Not Harder

19:05 - Darton, Fred, and Scotty

27:15 - Ben Shirk and Dan McClanahan

“As silly as it sounds, I wanna become less refined.”

Carl Caylor is a down-to-Earth, portrait photographer and photographic instructor. He has been professionally involved in the field of photography for over 25 years. Carl is a Kodak Alaris Mentor. He is PPA Certified, a Master Photographer and a Craftsman with Professional Photographers of America. He is an International Affiliated Photographic Judge and has won numerous national awards for his photography, including 29 PPA Loan Collections and several Kodak Gallery and Fuji Masterpiece Awards. He has shared his passion with photographers coast to coast in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Korea.

Carl is the author of the book, “Portraiture Unplugged” A Guide to Natural Light Portraits, but he will discuss work with natural light, artificial light and a combination of the two. Carl is one of the most sought after instructors in the country because of his “Hands-On” coaching approach.

“Give yourself time.”