Abbie Miller - It’s Been a Journey


“I realized that I couldn’t be a stay-at-home Mom if there were no kids staying at home with me.”

Sometimes being told not to do something is just what we need.

“My first year in business, I think I cried myself to sleep every night.”

1:28 - Who is Abbie Miller?

3:54 - Milwaukee

5:14 - The Long Process

7:44 - The Need to Do Things

9:06 - Realizing the Dream

10:43 - 40

12:59 - The Hardest Part

16:28 - The Birthday Party and Bullying

20:08 - People Should Be Nice

23:30 - 2-7

25:25 - A Fantastic Technique

28:35 - Giving Advice

31:15 - The Milestone

33:28 - The Gateway Drug

36:06 - Finding Abbie

“I’ve always had issues with (bullying).”

Abbie Miller is the owner/operator of Stories Framed Photography based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Stories Framed specializes in seniors, families and business portraits with personality to give a storytelling feel. The studio has won the 2019 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel “Best of Greater Milwaukee Top Choice Award” and the 2017 Shepherd Express “Best of Milwaukee Award.” Miller is a Certified Professional Photographer and dedicated reader, writer, mom and wife.

“I’m so glad that I’ve listened to advice.”