Marci and Christy - The Big Stuff


“We never fight or argue.”

It’s easy to say “don’t sweat the small stuff”, but what about The Big Stuff?

“I love teenagers…they’re our future.”

1:23 - The Lone Wolf and the Singer

6:17 - Working Together

11:43 - Splitting Credit and a Plug

14:22 - Youth

16:05 - Reasons for Seniors

17:03 - Energy

18:27 - What’s the Why?

21:54 - A Hard Year

24:34 - An Amazing, Awesome Thing

32:49 - The Future

34:01 - Where to Find Marci and Christy

“There is no light switch. YOU are the light switch.”

Marci and Christy are an artistic, Indiana, coffee-drinkin, healthy-eating obsessed, creative mom and daughter team who love creating…. Not just creating beautiful images, but creating epic sets on their very own studio backlot, otherwise known as “Disneyland for photographers” and a highly sought after senior portrait experience! They specialize in photographing seniors, with the occasional family session, or even a wedding or two a year. Their passion to is create connections and inspire confidence, and a healthy lifestyle, and help everyone see their own beauty!

“I was constantly making excuses for myself.”