Gary Hughes - The Mess Behind the Curtain


“The world has moved on in so many ways.”

Gary Hughes talks about what most others haven’t.

“The greatest thing we can do for ourselves and for our children is teach people to think critically.”

1:36 Gary’s Problem

4:45 Generations

6:06 Avatars, Archetypes, and Absurdity

8:53 Mental Health

11:46 A Recent Experience

14:14 Seven Out of Seven

18:23 The Build-up

20:46 The First Step

22:32 Man on Fire

27:08 Some Questions

“We should be more careful about what we put inside our brains.”

As the child of photographer parents it would have been natural for Gary to step right in to the family business, but he had to go out and try pretty much everything else before finding his way back to photography. In the 13 years since picking up a camera he has earned local and national awards including 3 Gold Medals and an Imaging Excellence Award from the International Photographic Competition and a Fuji Masterpiece Award. His work has been featured in Professional Photographer Magazine, Shutter Magazine, Professional Image Maker and he has published multiple articles on photography for the Huffington Post as well as an educational book, “Photographing Headshots”. He lives and works in Orlando, FL with his partner and wife, Julie and their children.

“The thing that would help the most, is the thing that nobody’s doing.”