Aaron and Liz Vovk - The Fighters


“We’re high school sweethearts.”

A healthy self-image is more important than ever. In a time of social media facades, it can be difficult to cope with the tendency to feel inadequate or unattractive in general. Aaron and Elizabeth Vovk are boudoir photographers in the Minneapolis area who have taken it upon themselves to help everybody feel comfortable with who they are…no matter what that looks like.

“We just really want to support women and positive body image.”

1:23 Fighting

5:05 The Why and How of Boudoir

8:16 A Little History

9:40 Styles and Nerves

10:51 Sales

12:17 For the Girls

15:48 Discernment and Getting Started

19:16 Unique Challenges

20:57 A Very Scheduled Life

23:50 Best Part of Working With…

25:18 Off Days

27:34 Finding the Vovks

“Our goal in life is to make everybody feel comfortable with who they are.”

Aaron and Elizabeth have been married for 18 years. They have 5 children, 1 boy and 4 girls. They started Noahs Ark Photography 11 years ago as a Wedding, Senior and Newborn studio. After discovering and falling in love with Boudoir Photography they started their 4 Girls Glamour brand to separate Boudoir from the other brand. Their business naturally turned into boudoir exclusive about 5 years ago. When they are not photographing and building there business they are busy homeschooling the 4 girls. Aaron and Elizabeth also enjoy travel to new destinations and trying new foods.

“We have a very scheduled life.”