Kristin and Paul Privette - The Blessing


“Within the last few years, we’ve shifted a little bit.”

Paul and Kristen Privette are incorporating one of the best things about Paul’s upbringing into their business and it’s changing lives.

“For me, it’s become a burden. I’ve been given something that I believe everybody should have.”

1:28 The Shift

4:39 The Blessing

7:51 The Effect

11:26 The First Encounter

15:43 Learning to Receive

18:26 Past Profit and Into Purpose

26:27 The Translation

29:10 The Reveal

34:05 This is for Everybody

“You are telling someone what they are on this Earth for. It can be taught. You can learn how to look for those characteristics in others. It’s a purposeful thing.”

Paul and Kristin Privette of Footstone Photography are a husband and wife team that have been photographing side by side for eleven years. They have three boys and a fourth boy on the way. In the beginning, they focused primarily on wedding photography, but as their boys got older, they began accepting fewer and fewer weddings each year. Last year they introduced a second photography team for Footstone which has allowed them to focus more on the portrait side of their business. During this shift, Paul and Kristin realized they wanted to connect more on a personal level with their portrait sessions. As they were searching for this connection, they started a personal project which turned into what they now consider their greatest purpose as photographers. In this podcast episode, they share how this project has changed the course of their entire business and even their personal lives.

Paul and Kristin have a sincere desire to work with photographers who are trying to support a family with their photography career. Their family of 5, soon to be 6, depends solely on photography and Paul and Kristin take very seriously encouraging and teaching other photographers how they can do the same.

“I’m not a photographer just to take pictures of people.”