Rachel Marten - The Calling


“We all figure out a ‘why’…when the ‘why’ is strong enough, the ‘how’ becomes easier.”

Rachel Marten wanted people to get over the fear of sales and have better lives. So she wrote a book about how to do just that. And it’s free.

“I want people to get over the fear of sales.”

1:23 The Calling

3:25 Rudi

7:16 The Foundation and the Vision

11:02 Family

14:42 A Sense of Urgency

20:23 The Learning Process

27:15 Questions vs. Objections

29:08 Believe in What You’re Doing

30:38 Legacy

32:57 The Book is Free

36:59 Thank You

“I realized nothing changes until I change.”

Rachel and her husband, Clark, started Clark Marten Photography in the basement of their home in 1985 when they were chicken farmers. By 1990 they retired from farming and built a studio onto their home. Creating a business from nothing in rural Montana (which has a population of only six people per square mile) forced them to overcome mental and physical boundaries to do the absolute best with what they had.

Over the past 30 years, Rachel has created a winning sales system that takes the fear and anxiety of selling in person away, and has clients purchasing wall portraits and other high-end products…all of which has given the her an unprecedented, top-dollar sales average. She has taught at Imaging USA, Texas School, Photo Vision, SYNC, WPPI, as well as countless regional and national seminars, and her sales system is practiced by photographers around the world.

Enjoy her energy and passion for living your dreams as a photographer, and you’ll walk away saying, “If she can do it where she lives, I can do it, too!”

“You can’t make a difference in the word when you’re struggling.”