Arica Dorff - The Hippie


“We pointed to a map, and we moved.”

Arica Dorff decided to tailor her business to the type of life she wanted to live.

“I took like a year-long break from photography.”

1:47 “I Know Who You Are”

4:32 17 Years

6:55 Born from a Break

10:14 Giving Comes ‘Round Full Circle

12:50 What is Different in Your Head?

15:20 Logistics

21:38 The Secret

24:44 A Caveat

25:57 Image, Brand, Perception

29:11 Unburdened

33.41 Bucket List

34:45 Finding Arica

36:24 Final Thoughts

“Base your business model on the lifestyle you want to live.”

Arica Dorff is a veteran pet photographer and pet painting artist. After nine successful years as Las Vegas’ top pet photographer, Arica sold her luxury studio and relocated to beautiful Washington State. Arica applied her knowledge of running a high-end studio storefront to her new mobile venture - annual Pet Photography Road Trips. On a typical Road Trip, Arica and her dog will drive 6,000 miles and shoot 35 sessions in 35 days (in addition to fitting in complimentary adoption portraits for homeless animals, hiking, kayaking and camping). Arica teaches workshops and retreats throughout the year and has a passion for sharing with other photographers the ins and outs of working with animals, how to run a profitable business, and most importantly basing your business model on the lifestyle you want to live!

“People want to work with people they like.”