Caroline Trespalacios On Necessary Sacrifice


“I love being a stay at home mom.”

Caroline Trespalacios knows that it takes time and hard work to be successful. And many times, things suffer along the way. Caroline runs a very successful teen model program that she uses to funnel clients into her senior program. It’s an extremely effective process that she’s built and honed over the years. But it hasn’t come without sacrifice…sacrifice that she deemed necessary in order to make it to where she is today.

“Start very small and if you feel comfortable doing more, then do more.”

1:06 Caroline Loves Momming

3:31 Fired from Disney

5:11 Finding Something for Herself

6:42 Tweaks

8:56 Advice and Regrets

11:36 Emotions

13:45 Funneling

16:30 Social Media

18:24 Working Hard

22:00 The Process

29:35 The Sale

35:29 Names

“Stop looking at other people.”

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“You do what you have to do.”