Craig Swanson - The Outsider

“I am probably one of the most highly educated non-photographers in the art of photography that you’re going to run into.”

Craig Swanson has spent his career being the left-brain support for right-brain professionals and the results are incredible.

“I’ve spent my entire career supporting creatives.”

1:25 Thousands of Hours Education

3:26 The Outsider

5:52 Passion

7:33 Further In

11:07 Waiting on Technology

15:55 Stars Aligning

18:19 Everything is Changing

19:35 Pepper

21:29 Education Is Not About Information

25:11 Two Touch Points

27:31 The Importance of Feeling Connected

30:17 Entrepreneurship and What’s Next

34:30 The Power of Team

“My passion comes from allowing people to unlock a sustainable life around their passion.”

Craig Swanson is the secret weapon behind online business platforms that have allowed extraordinary educators make their most ambitious dreams into reality. Craig co-founded CreativeLive, built the Sue Bryce Education platform, and is constantly innovating new ways to create connection between great instructors and large virtual communities.

“I like creating systems that can become bigger.”