Brittni Schroeder On Finding the Joy in the Art


“I think something that’s really common to us as artists and as photographers is you get burnt out.”

Brittni Schroeder finds joy in her art by doing good and making a difference despite suffering through tremendous tragedy.

“The older you get, it’s harder to find balance in your life.”

1:03 A Little Intro

3:09 Harder to Find Balance and Easier to Burn Out

4:58 Who Are You Surrounded By?

7:22 What Brings You Joy?

9:28 Toxicity

11:45 The Compassion Foundation

15:16 Wanting Hope

18:10 The Victim Mentality

21:36 Step One

“Mid-life crisis is legit a thing. I’m really big on finding joy.”

Brittni Schroeder lives with her husband of 20 years and her two children in Spring, TX. She has been in the photography industry for 10 years. She worked as a High School Senior Photographer, Editor-In-Chief of Mozi Magazine and taught several in person and online course. She has been involved with non-profit work for the last 8 years, 4 of which were spent doing non-profit work with education in Haiti. In May of 2017, she lost her 14 year old son in a tragic accident. Shortly after she started her own non-profit The Compassion Club. She is a certified life coach and business coach and specializes in confidence in business and life.

“If you’re happy in your life, your business will reflect that.”