Holli True is a Blogging Nerd

“If quoting movies was an Olympic sport, I would get the gold.”

Blogging may seem daunting. It may even seem archaic. But, rest assured, it is neither. Holli True lays out a strong case for the relevance of blogging and provides great tips for executing a solid blog your clients will want to visit and be featured in.

“Blogging is definitely a personal thing, but so is photography.”

:57 An Oregon Nerd

3:11 Blogging is not Dead

7:14 A Response to the Cynic

8:11 The Blog Process

10:01 The Blog Post

16:25 Great Blogging Tips

24:32 Finding Holli

“Social media is not taking over blogging.”

Holli True is a high school senior portrait photographer based in Eugene, Oregon. She has specialized in seniors for nine years, building a genuine brand on the foundation of Young & Free. As industry educator, Holli loves nothing more than connecting with other photographers from all over the world, sharing her passion and simplistic approach to senior photography. She is one of the founders of Get Deconstructed, an educational movement for photographers that includes workshops, a Facebook Group and a Podcast called Certified Madness. Past/Present speaking engagements include: Conference Twelve, Click Away, Seniorologie Tour and Showit United. She also teaches the Evoke Workshop for senior photographers in Oregon each year. Holli is a dreamer, a thinker, a chaser and a doer. When she isn’t exploring the Pacific Northwest with her camera, you’ll find her adventuring with her family of four in their RV.

“When you’re busy is when you should be posting.”