Leslie Kerrigan On Creating a Market

“There were a million photographers in my town just like there are in every town.”

Leslie Kerrigan chose to photograph high school seniors after noticing that nobody else in her market was doing so. Then, she created a market from scratch.

“I am the kind of person that does not like to compete with people.”

1:06 Radio Faces Intro

2:57 A Hootie Digression

5:28 Jim and Pam

6:59 Dabbling with Digital

9:56 Choosing Senior Photography

11:27 Creating a Market

14:08 Doing What it Takes

15:50 Funneling

17:48 Competition and Price Shoppers

20:23 Maintaining the Market Share

22:07 Other Endeavors

25:16 Ebbs and Flows

27:59 The Value of In-Person Education

31:20 Where is Leslie Kerrigan?

“In my first rep team I only had four people.”

Leslie Kerrigan is a high school senior photographer in Greenville, South Carolina. In addition to running her own senior portrait business, Leslie created a site for other senior photographers as a resource for education and inspiration called Seniorologie. Through Seniorologie, Leslie has a weekly podcast called The Seniorologie Podcast, online workshops for photographers, a private Facebook Community for senior photographers called The Seniorologie Community and a conference for high school senior photographers called Conference Twelve. Leslie loves meeting photographers all over the country and helping them in their senior portrait business. She has been a speaker at WPPI, Click Away, The Savvy Photographer Retreat, Conference Twelve, Focus and she has taught a class for Creative Live. When she is not meeting other photographers and helping them grow their senior business, she is spending time with her family which is full of boys! Being a senior photographer gives Leslie the girl time she craves and she loves helping her clients with what to wear and spending time with them during hair and makeup before taking their photos. Leslie believes in making her clients feel beautiful and truly becomes friends with each one of them.

Conference Twelve 2019 will be held in Nashville, TN August 25-28.  Registration is open and can be found on the conference website.  Be sure to follow Conference 12 on Instagram at @conferencetwelve and check out the amazing line up of speakers we have this year!!  This conference is the perfect educational event for the high school senior photographer!

“You have to be able to show them the difference.”