Trevor Ray Will Go There


“I’m not old school.”

As a professional photographer, it’s super important to rise above today’s prosumer. In order to make that happen, Trevor Ray isn’t afraid to “go there” (literally).

“I love (social media), but I wish I didn’t have to do it so much.”

1:00 - Background

2:56 - The Club

4:16 - The Market in Austin

4:58 - The Elevator Pitch

6:26 - Style vs the Experience

10:48 - Destination Shoots

12:38 - Sales and Culling

18:30 - The Hardest Part

20:40 - The Right Clientele

25:35 - The Senior Style Guide

27:22 - Finding Trevor Ray

“I don’t want to be overbooked.”

Trevor Ray Thompson is a senior portrait photographer based in Austin, Texas. Trevor Ray is known for his editorial style and capturing authentic expressions from his subjects along with his stunning destination portrait photography work.

IG: @trevoray


Twitter: @trevoray

“We need to be around other photographers.”