Audrey Woulard On Justice and Working Hard for What You Want


“It’s very hard for me to be in a position where I know something’s wrong and not say it. That’s not who I am.”

Audrey Woulard is passionate. She speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to stand up for the underdog (she also considers herself an underdog of sorts). Hear what she has to say about the state of the industry, fighting for justice, and working hard.

“If you’re not the underdog, people tend not to like you.”

0:52 “I’m very opinionated.”

1:24 Passion for Justice

4:01 Why did you leave?

6:07 Let’s go back…

8:01 Getting Picked On

11:08 Industry Injustice

16:33 Risk and Reputation

20:44 Defense Mechanism

22:24 Meeting Earlier

23:46 Kids

26:48 A Story

32:27 Right Thing Wrong Way?

37:36 What Audrey Needs to Work On

“People want to stand out, but they don’t have the guts to stand out.”

Audrey Woulard began her photographic career capturing portraits of young children and families. Several years later, it has been an amazing experience! Aside from her studio work, she’s traveled the world, teaching photographers in places like London, Australia and The Netherlands. She’s had numerous commercial assignments with corporate giants like Pottery Barn Kids, IAMs pet food and Advocate Healthcare. Today, Audrey has made a transition back to her roots, but in typical Audrey fashion, she’s doing it a bit differently. She exclusively photographs teen and tweens and has extended that business to even include her own teen print fashion magazine, called Kids and the City (KATC).  Sought-after teacher, phenomenal photographer, and creative artist, Audrey Woulard delivers it all!


Facebook: audreywoulardphotography

Instagram: kidsandthecity

“If everyone wants the red sweater, I want the green one.”