Christina Ramirez is in a Rut


“I am in a rut. A major creative rut.”

Christina Ramirez is in a rut. And she wants to talk about it. Come along as she processes some issues and develops some potential solutions.

“What they don’t talk about is that it becomes monotonous.”

1:07 Who is Christina Ramirez?

3:57 The Bridesmaidzilla

5:34 In a Rut

8:48 What am I afraid of?

10:59 Changing It Up

12:18 A Conversation Worth Having

13:58 The Most

15:19 Ego

17:04 The Levee Needs to Break

20:07 What needs to be done?

21:14 Accountability

23:16 Tables Turned

26:26 A Solution?

“I’ve become an over-thinker.”

Christina Ramirez operates a studio in downtown San Antonio, Texas. She left a job in corporate banking for photography 6 years ago and has been specializing in senior portraits for the last 4.5 years. Her love for all things colorful and bold has helped shape the photographic style she is known for yet she’s always seeking ways to grow and evolve and is the first to encourage others to do the same. Christina has a degree in education so teaching photography and mentoring is something she truly enjoys. She has had the honor of speaking at Senior Style Guide’s PUSH conference for 3 years, along with speaking at Conference 12, The Blink Conference and Reset Conference. Christina has been published in Senior Style Guide, Modern Teen Style, ShootProof Blog and has received numerous awards including Hot 100 Senior Photographer 5 years in a row including ICON status the last 3 years. She was recently named “Best Portrait Photographer in San Antonio” by Expertise for her 2nd time. Aside from speaking at photography conferences, mentoring and running her business, Christina is a dreamer, obsessed with self-help books and podcasts, is a travel-lover and married to her best friend. 

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“It’s just a matter of getting in there and just doing it.”