Vickie Black - PUSH Yourself

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“Push yourself out of your comfort zone.”

Vickie Black is a mom, a business owner, an artist and much more. Hear about how she keeps all of her plates spinning.

“I know what I don’t want to do in life.”

0:23 PUSH Conference

1:38 Who is Vickie Black?

2:13 Why all of this other stuff?

5:08 Tweens to Teens

7:24 The Rearview Mirror

9:04 Staying Ahead of the Game

10:37 The Interview

14:37 Model Crews Done Early

15:30 IPS

16:55 What? Where? and Some Great Advice

“I’m big on moms having an experience because I’m a mom.”

Vickie Black is the founder of Senior Style Guide Magazine and a nationally published and recognized Teen and Senior Portrait Specialist serving the Central Indiana market.

“My motto is, ‘No means not yet.’”