Kevin Kubota - Ethical Storytelling Through Photography

“Sometimes the story isn’t what you thought it was.”

Kevin Kubota is not afraid to challenge himself with questions regarding ethics and photography.

“How did it get to this point where we can’t be comfortable just portraying ourselves exactly as we are?”

0:30 The “Whole Package”
2:47 The conundrum
8:15 The ends and the means
12:57 An interesting hypothetical
15:35 Advice for content creators
18:01 The Homefront
22:46 Personal Ego
24:54 Are we complicit?
26:35 Who decides where the line is?
29:42 Workshops with Purpose

“‘Who decides where the line is?’ I think is a great discussion for just ethics in general.”

American Photo Magazine named Kevin Kubota one of the "Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World". His photos have been featured on the covers and within the pages of countless popular magazines and photography books. Kevin has been a featured presenter for Nikon and Adobe, and his work with the Nikon digital camera earned him a spot as a Nikon "Legend Behind the Lens".

Kubota is an internationally recognized speaker, having presented for every major photographic convention in the USA. He created the popular "Digital Photography Bootcamp®" workshop which has been running successfully since 2002. He authored the book under the same name, now in it's second edition, published by Amherst Media. Kevin shares over 2 decades of commercial and portrait lighting experience in his latest book, The Lighting Notebook, published by Wiley. The companion iApp, is available in the iTunes store.

Kubota Image Tools products have won multiple Hot One Awards as well as the Readers Choice Award. Kevin was personally awarded the 2009 Monte Zucker Memorial Humanitarian Award for social service through photography.

“We’re always judging people through our own filters.”