Julia Woods - When Your Spouse Resents Your Business

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“Photography became something that fed a part of me that had never been fed before.”

Julia Woods is a wife, mother, friend, coach, and inspiration. She finds strength in her weaknesses. She works hard. She fights. And she shares...unabashedly. Listen in as she recounts one of the biggest moments of discovery in her life.

“I was at the end of Julia. There was no more of me to offer.”

0:27 Old friends
3:16 The topic and competing passions
7:16 How does resentment manifest?
9:24 Some history and the “Significant Event”
15:59 Earning love
19:12 The biggest problem revealed
21:06 Where do you go from there?
29:00 Beautiful Outcome
32:08 How do things look now?
34:03 Advice

“I decided the best choice I had was to go stand in my front yard and start yelling at God.”

Julia's journey to becoming a relationship coach has been a winding one. As a portrait and wedding photographer, she built a thriving business and an internationally recognized brand. After twenty years of growth and success, she found herself at the highest levels of her industry but exhausted by stress and conflict with the people that mattered most. She turned her focus to growing her relationship with herself and others and found a life she never knew was possible. It was truly a Beautiful Outcome! Through this transformation, she discovered the power of character growth and the ability to triumph in conflict. She also discovered her passion: to stand with other creatives as they find their path to thriving in life and work.

“The relationship we have with ourself sets the foundation for the relationships we have with everyone else.”