Dane Sanders - How Business Owners Get Paralyzed by What’s Next


“There’s not as much space as there used to be to be fully human.”

It’s good (if not necessary) to take some time out of our crazy schedules and just slow down. Spend some time with Dane Sanders and do just that. You won’t regret it.

“(Getting perspective) is not an event, it’s a habit.”

0:34 Friends and Brothers
2:35 Gifted
4:54 Faith
9:07 The Topic
10:59 There’s never been so much stuff
13:41 How do you deal with all the options?
17:23 Getting Perspective
21:18 The Hypothalamus Hijack
23:55 The Importance of Others
27:18 Who are your people?
31:37 Dopamine vs Seratonin
34:19 Pick One Thing
37:15 Take Responsibility
40:04 The game is love.
43:25 Find Dane

“I think if people view ‘others’ as optional, it’s a problem.”

Dane Sanders writes, coaches & speaks on what it takes for you and your business to thrive. He has authored two business books for creatives and is a founder at Fastermind.co. Be sure to check out his Go Summit Conference and his Converge Podcast.

“My pace is so much faster when I pick fewer things.”