This Conversation’s Best of 2018

2018 saw the launch of This Conversation with Jed Taufer presented by WHCC. We released a new episode every Monday morning and thousands of you listened. We’re extremely excited to end the year on a high note as we feature Jed’s interview with Sue Bryce along with five of our most popular interviews from 2018. Enjoy.

We look forward to 2019. Keep listening!


Sue Bryce

No More Rockstars

With 29 years experience, Sue Bryce is one of the most recognizable photographers in the imaging industry. New Zealand born and raised Bryce now lives and works in Los Angeles. Her contemporary glamour portrait style transcend past stereotypes and has changed the face of portrait photography.

Dani DiamonD

Family First

Dani Diamond is an amazing NYC fashion photographer with a huge following on Instagram, but he’s a husband and father first. Dani believes you don’t need to be talented to be successful, but you need to be ambitious. He hopes to continue his career in fashion and portraits for the rest of his life.

Kristen Kaiser

Catching Up with Kristen and Eric Kaiser

Eric and Kristen are a husband and wife wedding and elopement photography team based in Illinois. Relationships are the heart and soul of their business. They place a huge emphasis on getting to know their couples during their engagement because they believe that strong relationships lead to even more beautiful, meaningful images.

Brooke shaden

On Growth and Going Dark

Brooke Shaden is a conceptual fine art photographer specializing in self-portraiture. After graduating college with degrees in film and English, she turned to photography to tell the stories she always wanted to let loose.

vicki Taufer

Relationship Marketing

Vicki Taufer has been in the photography business for 20 years. She’s found that relationships are of the utmost importance both with your clients and with other business owners who you can team up with from a marketing standpoint.

kenny kim

Destination Weddings

Kenny Kim has always been fascinated by the visual arts, especially the connection between art and photography. Combined with his love of travel and *culture, he has become one of the most respected and sought after destination wedding photographers of his industry.