Kristin and Paul Privette - The Blessing


“Within the last few years, we’ve shifted a little bit.”

Paul and Kristen Privette are incorporating one of the best things about Paul’s upbringing into their business and it’s changing lives.

“For me, it’s become a burden. I’ve been given something that I believe everybody should have.”

1:28 The Shift

4:39 The Blessing

7:51 The Effect

11:26 The First Encounter

15:43 Learning to Receive

18:26 Past Profit and Into Purpose

26:27 The Translation

29:10 The Reveal

34:05 This is for Everybody

“You are telling someone what they are on this Earth for. It can be taught. You can learn how to look for those characteristics in others. It’s a purposeful thing.”

Paul and Kristin Privette of Footstone Photography are a husband and wife team that have been photographing side by side for eleven years. They have three boys and a fourth boy on the way. In the beginning, they focused primarily on wedding photography, but as their boys got older, they began accepting fewer and fewer weddings each year. Last year they introduced a second photography team for Footstone which has allowed them to focus more on the portrait side of their business. During this shift, Paul and Kristin realized they wanted to connect more on a personal level with their portrait sessions. As they were searching for this connection, they started a personal project which turned into what they now consider their greatest purpose as photographers. In this podcast episode, they share how this project has changed the course of their entire business and even their personal lives.

Paul and Kristin have a sincere desire to work with photographers who are trying to support a family with their photography career. Their family of 5, soon to be 6, depends solely on photography and Paul and Kristin take very seriously encouraging and teaching other photographers how they can do the same.

“I’m not a photographer just to take pictures of people.”

Matt Meiers - It’s Never Too Late

“I don’t care about some things anymore.”

After 50 years on this Earth, Matt Meiers knows why he’s here.

“I know what we’re doing matters.”

1:31 What Makes People Smile

3:24 The 50 Switch

5:25 Why I’m Here

6:48 Three Hashtags

9:28 So Many Angels

16:13 Giving

20:49 Too Important

22:54 Vision and Reality

27:00 More to Do

32:10 Where to Go for Info and to Donate

“Stop ‘justing’”.

Matt Meiers is a bodyscape and portrait artist based in Pittsburgh, PA who believes that the art of creating amazing images starts with the experience. Matt believes that each client is unique, and they deserve to have a session tailored to make them feel special. The experience he creates has carried over into So Many Angels, a non-profit he founded late in 2017 whose mission is to empower and inspire child warriors battling cancer, so that they can become whoever or whatever they want to be WHEN they grow up.  

He often repeats these messages, sometimes out loud, sometimes just to himself:

* The fastest way to do things you think can’t be done is to surround yourself with people already doing them.

* What is the work that you can’t NOT do? Find it.

“Once you start giving, it gets addicting.”

Drake Busath - The Craftsman


“I’m a cryer...I come unglued.”

Drake Busath considers himself more of a craftsman as opposed to an artist. He’s a second generation photographer in the process of handing the reigns over to the next generation of his family.

“Working with your family can be challenging.”

1:00 The Cold Cryer

2:58 The Boys and the Business

4:49 Being Sick

8:07 The Common Threads

13:11 Business vs. Art

16:21 Passing It On

20:26 The Next Generation and Italy

25:10 Finding Ambition Again

29:23 Establishing Your Own Thing

32:01 The Exit Door

33:51 The Italy Workshops

“I’ve never considered myself an artist…I think of myself as a craftsman.”

Drake Busath is known both for his commissioned portraiture and his travel photography. He currently operates Busath Studio & Gardens, one of the nations premiere portrait studios, along with a staff of 15. He also founded Italy Workshops and for 20 years has guided many hundreds of photographers on personal fine-art journeys in Italy and France.

Drake’s teaching has been described as unpretentious and innovative. He’s been invited to present seminars at professional associations across Australia, Asia, Europe and Canada as well most states in the U.S. He’s been a regular speaker at Imaging USA. His work has been featured on the cover of Professional Photographer Magazine numerous times and published in many other professional journals.

Recognitions include:

* Masters and Craftsman Degrees from Professional Photographers of America.

* Charter member of XXV, a society of photographers world-wide.

* Numerous Loan Collection honors (PPA)

* Best of State, Portraiture Utah, 9 years running

* PPA National Award for service to the industry

Drake and his wife Liz have 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

“I’ve built this exit door, but I don’t know how to go through it.”

Jeff Dachowski is Ready for Anything


“In business, if we’re prepared, we look like pros.”

Jeff Dachowski is successful for many reasons, but the main one might be that he puts tremendous effort into being prepared.

“I have a lots of experience…it’s disguised as failure…initially. I win or I learn.”

1:32 Tom Brady, the Beatles, and Constructive Delusion

5:26 20 Questions

6:58 A Delayed Intro

10:26 Experience

14:47 Addressing Introverts

21:53 Learning by Accident

23:32 The Inquiry

26:10 Profit and Authentic Communication

28:56 Minimizing Language and Sales

37:24 Worth and Value

42:45 Wrapping Up

“Success lies just outside your comfort zone.”

In high school Jeff quickly fell in love with photography. After pursuing every class related to photography, Jeff attended the Hallmark Institute of Photography.

In 2003 Jeff and his wife Carolle opened their studio in Manchester, and have seen meteoric growth since opening. They enjoy a loyal following of children, senior, family and commercial commissions.

Jeff has photographed events throughout North America, the Caribbean, and Europe since 1992. His work has been featured in Seacoast Bride, New Hampshire Bride, Woman Engineer, Woman’s World and Rolling Stone. He has received many accolades for his photography. Jeff is a member of PPA’s Board of Directors, a PPA International Approved Juror, a Vatican Approved Photographer and the President of the Society of XXV.

Jeff has attained his Master of Photography Degree, Photographic Craftsman Degree and is a Certified Professional Photographer. In 2018 he was awarded the Imaging Excellence award from PPA.

In 2012 Jeff and Carolle purchased a building with a storybook past in the small village of Bedford, NH. Their studio was featured in Professional Photographer Magazine in 2008, 2013 and 2019.

Jeff and Carolle are the authors of two titles for Amherst Media. “Lighting on Location” and “Profit building for the professional photographer”.

Jeff and Mary Fisk Taylor created in 2019 as a coaching community to help photographers all over the country attain the success they deserve through education, community, and accountability.

Jeff has two wonderful daughters age 18 and 19 and has been married to his wife Carolle for over 25 years. Jeff plays drums, bass, and the Chapman stick. During his free time, he builds guitars.

“Math is the enemy of Love.”

Arica Dorff - The Hippie


“We pointed to a map, and we moved.”

Arica Dorff decided to tailor her business to the type of life she wanted to live.

“I took like a year-long break from photography.”

1:47 “I Know Who You Are”

4:32 17 Years

6:55 Born from a Break

10:14 Giving Comes ‘Round Full Circle

12:50 What is Different in Your Head?

15:20 Logistics

21:38 The Secret

24:44 A Caveat

25:57 Image, Brand, Perception

29:11 Unburdened

33.41 Bucket List

34:45 Finding Arica

36:24 Final Thoughts

“Base your business model on the lifestyle you want to live.”

Arica Dorff is a veteran pet photographer and pet painting artist. After nine successful years as Las Vegas’ top pet photographer, Arica sold her luxury studio and relocated to beautiful Washington State. Arica applied her knowledge of running a high-end studio storefront to her new mobile venture - annual Pet Photography Road Trips. On a typical Road Trip, Arica and her dog will drive 6,000 miles and shoot 35 sessions in 35 days (in addition to fitting in complimentary adoption portraits for homeless animals, hiking, kayaking and camping). Arica teaches workshops and retreats throughout the year and has a passion for sharing with other photographers the ins and outs of working with animals, how to run a profitable business, and most importantly basing your business model on the lifestyle you want to live!

“People want to work with people they like.”

Greg Daniel On Flipping the Script


“(Photography) is all I ever wanted to do.”

Greg Daniel is a modern master of fine art photography who knows from years of experience that there are a lot of things that go into creating fine art. Listen and learn.

“If you just (take) the order of two words and you swap them, it can change the world for you in this business.”

1:44 Nerves

2:46 The Moment

6:04 Dualing Paths

9:50 The Wives

13:27 The Goal and the Switch

18:25 Principles and the Cycle

23:53 Fine Art Products

27:41 Erase the Board

33:33 Following Gregory Daniel

“Our clientele was starting to be already educated by the art community.”

A nationally recognized husband and wife duo who create exquisite portraits, Greg and Lesa Daniel are also masters in sharing their knowledge and experience. They make it look so easy, but you will learn their secret is behind the scenes preparation and planning that result in timeless original portraits and a highly successful business. Greg and Lesa are internationally recognized for their artistry. Though he is one of the most awarded photographers in the United States, Greg has the utmost privilege of living out his passion every day alongside Lesa in operating their portrait photography galleries in both Indialantic and Titusville Florida. He has achieved both the title of Master of Photography and The American Society of Photographers Fellowship. In addition, Greg is one of the youngest members to be inducted into the prestigious Cameracraftsmen of America in 1991. He is also a proud founding member of the International Society of Portrait Artists (ISPA) and on the Board of Directors for Professional Photographers of America.

“I’m not as confident in myself as (my wife) is.”

Caroline Trespalacios On Necessary Sacrifice


“I love being a stay at home mom.”

Caroline Trespalacios knows that it takes time and hard work to be successful. And many times, things suffer along the way. Caroline runs a very successful teen model program that she uses to funnel clients into her senior program. It’s an extremely effective process that she’s built and honed over the years. But it hasn’t come without sacrifice…sacrifice that she deemed necessary in order to make it to where she is today.

“Start very small and if you feel comfortable doing more, then do more.”

1:06 Caroline Loves Momming

3:31 Fired from Disney

5:11 Finding Something for Herself

6:42 Tweaks

8:56 Advice and Regrets

11:36 Emotions

13:45 Funneling

16:30 Social Media

18:24 Working Hard

22:00 The Process

29:35 The Sale

35:29 Names

“Stop looking at other people.”

CG3 is a nationally known photography studio in the Chicago suburb of Naperville. Specializing in Seniors, Teens and agency models. Her style is modern and editorial. CG3 runs a famous model team for Seniors and Teens, acquiring hundreds of applicants every year to join her team. CG3 also travels with her models to amazing destinations.

“You do what you have to do.”

Rachel Marten - The Calling


“We all figure out a ‘why’…when the ‘why’ is strong enough, the ‘how’ becomes easier.”

Rachel Marten wanted people to get over the fear of sales and have better lives. So she wrote a book about how to do just that. And it’s free.

“I want people to get over the fear of sales.”

1:23 The Calling

3:25 Rudi

7:16 The Foundation and the Vision

11:02 Family

14:42 A Sense of Urgency

20:23 The Learning Process

27:15 Questions vs. Objections

29:08 Believe in What You’re Doing

30:38 Legacy

32:57 The Book is Free

36:59 Thank You

“I realized nothing changes until I change.”

Rachel and her husband, Clark, started Clark Marten Photography in the basement of their home in 1985 when they were chicken farmers. By 1990 they retired from farming and built a studio onto their home. Creating a business from nothing in rural Montana (which has a population of only six people per square mile) forced them to overcome mental and physical boundaries to do the absolute best with what they had.

Over the past 30 years, Rachel has created a winning sales system that takes the fear and anxiety of selling in person away, and has clients purchasing wall portraits and other high-end products…all of which has given the her an unprecedented, top-dollar sales average. She has taught at Imaging USA, Texas School, Photo Vision, SYNC, WPPI, as well as countless regional and national seminars, and her sales system is practiced by photographers around the world.

Enjoy her energy and passion for living your dreams as a photographer, and you’ll walk away saying, “If she can do it where she lives, I can do it, too!”

“You can’t make a difference in the word when you’re struggling.”

Brittni Schroeder On Finding the Joy in the Art


“I think something that’s really common to us as artists and as photographers is you get burnt out.”

Brittni Schroeder finds joy in her art by doing good and making a difference despite suffering through tremendous tragedy.

“The older you get, it’s harder to find balance in your life.”

1:03 A Little Intro

3:09 Harder to Find Balance and Easier to Burn Out

4:58 Who Are You Surrounded By?

7:22 What Brings You Joy?

9:28 Toxicity

11:45 The Compassion Foundation

15:16 Wanting Hope

18:10 The Victim Mentality

21:36 Step One

“Mid-life crisis is legit a thing. I’m really big on finding joy.”

Brittni Schroeder lives with her husband of 20 years and her two children in Spring, TX. She has been in the photography industry for 10 years. She worked as a High School Senior Photographer, Editor-In-Chief of Mozi Magazine and taught several in person and online course. She has been involved with non-profit work for the last 8 years, 4 of which were spent doing non-profit work with education in Haiti. In May of 2017, she lost her 14 year old son in a tragic accident. Shortly after she started her own non-profit The Compassion Club. She is a certified life coach and business coach and specializes in confidence in business and life.

“If you’re happy in your life, your business will reflect that.”

Holli True is a Blogging Nerd

“If quoting movies was an Olympic sport, I would get the gold.”

Blogging may seem daunting. It may even seem archaic. But, rest assured, it is neither. Holli True lays out a strong case for the relevance of blogging and provides great tips for executing a solid blog your clients will want to visit and be featured in.

“Blogging is definitely a personal thing, but so is photography.”

:57 An Oregon Nerd

3:11 Blogging is not Dead

7:14 A Response to the Cynic

8:11 The Blog Process

10:01 The Blog Post

16:25 Great Blogging Tips

24:32 Finding Holli

“Social media is not taking over blogging.”

Holli True is a high school senior portrait photographer based in Eugene, Oregon. She has specialized in seniors for nine years, building a genuine brand on the foundation of Young & Free. As industry educator, Holli loves nothing more than connecting with other photographers from all over the world, sharing her passion and simplistic approach to senior photography. She is one of the founders of Get Deconstructed, an educational movement for photographers that includes workshops, a Facebook Group and a Podcast called Certified Madness. Past/Present speaking engagements include: Conference Twelve, Click Away, Seniorologie Tour and Showit United. She also teaches the Evoke Workshop for senior photographers in Oregon each year. Holli is a dreamer, a thinker, a chaser and a doer. When she isn’t exploring the Pacific Northwest with her camera, you’ll find her adventuring with her family of four in their RV.

“When you’re busy is when you should be posting.”

Leslie Kerrigan On Creating a Market

“There were a million photographers in my town just like there are in every town.”

Leslie Kerrigan chose to photograph high school seniors after noticing that nobody else in her market was doing so. Then, she created a market from scratch.

“I am the kind of person that does not like to compete with people.”

1:06 Radio Faces Intro

2:57 A Hootie Digression

5:28 Jim and Pam

6:59 Dabbling with Digital

9:56 Choosing Senior Photography

11:27 Creating a Market

14:08 Doing What it Takes

15:50 Funneling

17:48 Competition and Price Shoppers

20:23 Maintaining the Market Share

22:07 Other Endeavors

25:16 Ebbs and Flows

27:59 The Value of In-Person Education

31:20 Where is Leslie Kerrigan?

“In my first rep team I only had four people.”

Leslie Kerrigan is a high school senior photographer in Greenville, South Carolina. In addition to running her own senior portrait business, Leslie created a site for other senior photographers as a resource for education and inspiration called Seniorologie. Through Seniorologie, Leslie has a weekly podcast called The Seniorologie Podcast, online workshops for photographers, a private Facebook Community for senior photographers called The Seniorologie Community and a conference for high school senior photographers called Conference Twelve. Leslie loves meeting photographers all over the country and helping them in their senior portrait business. She has been a speaker at WPPI, Click Away, The Savvy Photographer Retreat, Conference Twelve, Focus and she has taught a class for Creative Live. When she is not meeting other photographers and helping them grow their senior business, she is spending time with her family which is full of boys! Being a senior photographer gives Leslie the girl time she craves and she loves helping her clients with what to wear and spending time with them during hair and makeup before taking their photos. Leslie believes in making her clients feel beautiful and truly becomes friends with each one of them.

Conference Twelve 2019 will be held in Nashville, TN August 25-28.  Registration is open and can be found on the conference website.  Be sure to follow Conference 12 on Instagram at @conferencetwelve and check out the amazing line up of speakers we have this year!!  This conference is the perfect educational event for the high school senior photographer!

“You have to be able to show them the difference.”

Craig Swanson - The Outsider

“I am probably one of the most highly educated non-photographers in the art of photography that you’re going to run into.”

Craig Swanson has spent his career being the left-brain support for right-brain professionals and the results are incredible.

“I’ve spent my entire career supporting creatives.”

1:25 Thousands of Hours Education

3:26 The Outsider

5:52 Passion

7:33 Further In

11:07 Waiting on Technology

15:55 Stars Aligning

18:19 Everything is Changing

19:35 Pepper

21:29 Education Is Not About Information

25:11 Two Touch Points

27:31 The Importance of Feeling Connected

30:17 Entrepreneurship and What’s Next

34:30 The Power of Team

“My passion comes from allowing people to unlock a sustainable life around their passion.”

Craig Swanson is the secret weapon behind online business platforms that have allowed extraordinary educators make their most ambitious dreams into reality. Craig co-founded CreativeLive, built the Sue Bryce Education platform, and is constantly innovating new ways to create connection between great instructors and large virtual communities.

“I like creating systems that can become bigger.”

George Varanakis - Small Boats, Big Success


“Everybody’s got to be happy.”

George Varanakis has been killin’ it behind the curtain for years. Get to know him a bit and you won’t be surprised at why he’s been so successful.

“I’ve always had a huge level of respect for all the instructors in our industry.”

1:17 The Drink Ticket Guy

5:09 Top of the Mountain

7:41 The Guy Behind the Curtain

10:30 Before WPPI

13:05 The Key to Sales

15:15 How Big Can This Get?

19:05 The Common Denominator

21:48 Better on Small Boats

27:50 They All Mesh Together

“I’m having more fun in my life than I ever have.”

As an EVP, George Varanakis oversaw the largest photography conference and trade show, WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International). With over 16,000 attendees and over 400 exhibitors and sponsors, George grew the show over 400% in the eight years he was there.

In 2011, WPPI was sold to Nielsen Expositions, where a new opportunity arose to move from the conference world to the online education world.

As GM of the Photo Channel at CreativeLive, a live online educational network, George helped grow the channel to a multi-million dollar business. By instituting new platforms and strategic alliances, George helped facilitate rapid growth. His creative approach, along with a sales mentality, helped CreativeLive grow into the #1 online educational network.

Today, George oversees Sue Bryce Education with a membership of 10,000 photographers. He also runs The Portrait Masters online education and conference. The conference has sold out in 24 hours since it’s launch in 2017.

George also enjoys long walks on the beach, puppies, and candle light dinners.

“I’ve been so incredibly lucky.”

Alycia Alvarez - We Need to Exist in Portraits


“I am actually pretty good about printing my favorites and I do have a lot of pictures in my house.”

Alycia Alvarez knows more than most how important it is that we exist in portraits.

“I want to practice what I preach.”

2:03 Something Important

5:56 The Back Burner

8:47 Sadness and Peace

11:02 A Year Ago Exactly

15:07 Wrestling

16:33 Then…

19:41 At the End of the Day

22:20 We Need to Exist in Portraits

23:54 Best Memory

24:57 Now

28:06 The Snow Cone Machine

31:02 Finding Ah•Lish•Ah

“I don’t want all my memories to be on my phone.”

Based in Keller, TX (in the DFW area), Alycia also travels to Tampa, FL several times a year. With over 17 years as a full time professional photographer in the industry, Alycia has been capturing priceless memories and milestones “officially” since 2001 and is sought after for both portrait sessions and as an educator for photographers. She has an out-going and silly personality which puts her subjects at ease in front of the camera and makes her sessions lots of fun for everyone!

She has always had a passion for photography. During her years in college, she studied the art of black and white film photography. After becoming a mother herself, she realized how quickly her children changed right before her very eyes. Relentlessly, she began to document their little lives through countless photographs, which she knew would capture a glimpse of the person they were at each particular moment in their life. In addition to creating beautiful portraits, Alycia is also an international award winner, print competition judge and educational speaker, teaching thousands of photographers from across the world every year.

“We need to exist in portraits.”

Parker Pfister - Passion Over Profit


“I’m not the best business person in the world…but, I am a creator.”

Parker Pfister doesn’t want money. He wants experiences. And to him, that’s what life is all about.

“I don’t want a lot of money. I’ve never been driven by money. I know what I need in my life.”

1:22 Manscaping

3:11 Homer

8:34 Getting to France

10:38 Money

13.08 Sweaty Eyes

14:58 “Why are you like this?”

20:22 Why We’re Here

21:55 The Eclipse

25:34 The Reason

27:27 Follow Along

28:36 The Portrait Masters

“Life’s all about the experience.”

Parker Pfister is an artist, a teacher and a mentor. He creates stories using photography and film as his translators.These translations spark change in our world.He visualizes a new generation, where this world experiences how others see and not what they have already seen. He visualizes a generation that is authentic.

With this vision, he guides artists through their own process, with the belief that everyone is creative and needs to be heard. Parker believes that each person has the ability to self inspire, which breeds this elusive authenticity.

He is an avant-garde director of photography and photographer based out of Asheville, NC, and traveling often. His capacity to not only navigate and embrace any given situation, but to own it and make it speak is what distinguishes him from others.

An image must speak. It must tell a story, or part of one. They must say something, even if it’s a whisper, and Parker can spin a tale in the blink of an eye. His work shoots straight past the obvious and into the world overlooked. They make you feel.

What is seen with the eye during the moment the shutter trips is far from its rendering. Parker’s unconventional treatments of the image during exposure and it’s alternate processing leave you with an image that is always a wonderment. His innovative use of unique mediums, cameras and lenses enable his images to unveil the soul and explore the unknown.

Parker started his journey into the art of photography at the age of 6 when he got his first camera. 8 years later Eastman Kodak honored him with a silver medallion for second place at the 1982 World’s Fair.

While other kids dreamed of being firefighters and cowboys, Parker dreamed of being a National Geographic photographer. His friends all wanted a Mustang with a V8, while he wanted a Deardorff V8. (He already had a mustang V8) Parker has had a camera in his hands ever since photographing anything that interests or moves him. The camera fits comfortably in Parker’s hands and through it he can share the way he sees the world in which we all live.

Parker is available worldwide for commissions, collaborations and projects. His prints and installations are available for purchase and have been widely collected. Contact: for more information on prints or to set up commissioned work.

“I don’t really want to know everything.”

Zack Arias - Get to Work

Image by Antoine Willaeys

Image by Antoine Willaeys

“I’m a photographer because it’s the only thing I know how to do.”

Zack Arias talks depression, perspective, and what to do when you desperately need to be inspired.

“What I’ve learned is to celebrate people’s success.”

0:48 Depression

2:57 Perspective

6:27 Not Caring and Then Trolls

8:41 “I knew I had to do something.”

12:34 “So what am I gonna do?”

15:01 Getting to Work

22:11 Two-Way Street

27:43 Realizations

32:52 The Boys

34:32 Part 2: The David Hobby Story

40:41 Caleb

44:52 Joey and Jeremy

48:41 So Many Wonderful People

51:16 Following Zack on the Socials and the Webs

54:43 One Last Question

“I knew I had to do something.”

Zack Arias is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Atlanta, GA. His specialty is niched in press and publicity photography for the music and television industries. His clients include HGTV, Land Rover, Business Week, The Coca-Cola Company, TIME, The Smithsonian, VICE, and Sony Music.

Zack’s first run at being a freelance photographer left him heavily in debt and placed his family on the edge of destruction. He came to a place in his career that required him to put the cameras down and take a “day job.” After two years of selling off gear to help pay rent and fix beater cars, Zack was given a chance to come back to the photography industry as a second shooter at weddings. He took a D100, a Visitor 285 flash, an ample amount of faith, and quit his job at Kinkos in October of 2003. He was determined to do things differently this time around.

His minimalist approach to photography turned into the OneLight Workshop in 2005 that he now teaches around the world. It has become so popular that dates for the workshop regularly sell out months in advance.

“I have these kids that I have to raise and I don’t want them watching their dad just give up.”

Sue Bryce - No More Rockstars


“We don’t cultivate this culture of rockstars anymore in the industry.”

Back in 2010 or so, I was sitting in a small bar in Las Vegas with my friend Sally Sargood and another woman whom I had just met through Sally. Shortly after introducing me to her, Sally pulled me to the side a bit and whispered that the woman we were sitting with was on the verge of exploding in the industry and that she was going to be the biggest thing out there. That woman was Sue Bryce. I got to sit a bit with Sue at her conference, The Portrait Masters, in Phoenix this past fall, and I’m here to tell you, she’s all that and a bag of chips. Please pardon my nerves, and enjoy the conversation…

“I’m still learning. I’m a student.”

1:03 Nerves

4:50 Still Growing

6:15 Not a Newbie

7:55 Foresight and Intentionality

11:18 Unexpected Compliments and a Tangent

14:43 To What End

16:04 The Good Stuff

20:53 Jaded vs Healthy Skepticism

23:50 The Best Thing and What’s Next

27:41 Finding Sue and Following Platon

30:20 One. More. Thing.

“The craft comes first. You must master the craft.”

With 29 years experience, Sue Bryce is one of the most recognizable photographers in the imaging industry. New Zealand born and raised Bryce now lives and works in Los Angeles.

Her contemporary glamour portrait style transcend past stereotypes and has changed the face of portrait photography.

Awards + Accreditation

Honorary Fellow presented by the NZIPP 2018 | WPPI International 2012 Grand Award and WPPI International Children's Photographer of the year, Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year 2011 & 2012, NZIPP Overseas Photographer of the year 2011, NZIPP Portrait Photographer of the Year 2007 in 2006 achieved the level of Fellow with the NZIPP New Zealand in 2010 Achieved the level of Master with the Australian Institute of professional.

“I have seen this industry grow and change so fast, moving from manual dye retouching and analogue cameras to Photoshop and digital was not only challenging and frightening but also an inspirational experience for me, our evolution has been prodigious. “

Bryce has created her own ground-breaking educational platform in 2014, in which she uses her signature techniques to mentor and empower thousands of photographers and businesses internationally.

Sue Bryce Education is an online education platform & community for contemporary portrait, connecting to photographers globally through live broadcasts, videos, in-person workshop and The Portrait Masters annual boutique conference that hosts the Awards + Accreditation program.

In 2015 Bryce was greatly honored to be chosen to represent Canon USA in the Explorers of Light program.

“This industry is magnificent and I will defend it until the day I die.”

Sally Sargood - Video Marketing on Social Media


“I found myself at the forefront of this…new way to market your business.”

Sally Sargood has been in the biz for quite some time. She’s an expert at many things marketing. Here, she talks about the how’s and why’s of integrating video marketing with social media.

“It’s important to tell your story with words (on the video). Nobody shares ads. They share stories.”

0:26 “She’s going to explode.”

3:01 Sally’s Story

7:56 Jumping into Video Marketing

10:50 The Marriage of Social Media and Video Marketing

14:01 Tips, Advice, and Stats

17:57 Response to the Naysayers

19:33 Engagement Through Authenticity

21:39 Marketing for the Foreseeable Future

25:32 The Empathy Challenge and What’s Next

28:07 Whoever is First, Wins (Usually)

29:25 In Closing

“What you see depends mostly on what you look for.”

For 28 years, Sally Sargood’s passion has been photography. Her role has always been behind the scenes but entrenched in the business of photography.  From working in sales and marketing for pro labs, to Personal Assistant and Studio Manager for Jerry Ghionis, her’s is a very unique situation where she’s seen first hand the many changes seen the photography industry over the last 20+ years. In 2010 she started a consulting business called I Need a Sally, offering photographers help in their businesses.   Her audience quickly expanded and photography vendors also began seeking her advice. In 2013 she began working with Animoto moving to New York City soon after to work full time out of their NYC office. She started out in Marketing, running the Pro Photography division at Animoto, but has recently totally embraced video, taking on the role of Video Production Manager which quickly escalated to her current role as Social Media Strategist. .  With video becoming a necessity on social media,, she s at the forefront of this latest trend in marketing your business.

“I think it’s really important just to put yourself out there.”

Latasha Haynes - Before and After

Latasha Haynes HS-JenBertrand full.jpg

“I was so busy, that I didn’t realize the time that had passed.”

Latasha Haynes almost died in 2017. Hear about how it was one of the hardest things she’s ever faced. And why she wouldn’t change it for the world.

“I was sick but I could not be sick. There was not really time for that.”

0:25 Really Sick

3:20 At First, Denial, Then…

7:07 Wednesday

9:54 The Diagnosis

11:34 Ike

13:01 More Complications

14:53 2017

16:32 Before

19:52 The Value of Community

22:49 After

27:35 “So, who are you?”

30:00 Finding Tash and One Last Thought

“My heart, that night, was beating 227 beats per minute.”

Based in Tacoma, Washington, Latasha is half of the dynamic husband and wife team that makes up Ike and Tash Photography and Motion. The duo specializes in family, wedding and senior portrait photography.

Latasha is the founder of the service community outreach program, And Her, which cultivates servitude and leadership in high schools girls around the Greater South Sound Region. She also believes in leveling the playing field by using her personal privilege to uplift those around her who might be overlooked and supporting and connecting people to opportunities that will launch them into their destinies. She does this via one on one mentorships, online communities, her Mastermind and Inner Circle Groups, shootouts, and her annual boutique conference called “BLINK Conference.”

A mentor and community leader, Latasha reaches hundreds as a powerful and engaging conference speaker, using her personal stories, life experience and innovative ways of approaching problems to inspire.

After surviving congestive heart failure, she advocates for heart health in her community and works closely with the local American Heart Association as a “Go Red Ambassador.”

She has been blessed to follow her dreams and do what she loves shooting weddings and portraits across the country and internationally, as well as teaching, speaking and helping other photographers around the country grow and strengthen their businesses.

She believes in the beauty of women collaborating towards their dreams and created the hashtag #hersuccessisnotmyfailure to established women empowerment. This hashtag has been used nearly over 1000+ times all over social media, including by high profile leaders and celebrities. She also does this by selecting a unique group of high school juniors and seniors, every year, to participate in her businesses very popular “Street Team Sisterhood” experience.

In her spare time, she love planning events, playing guitar, traveling, writing, and hanging with her friends and family.

She has been married for 10 years to a man she met on MySpace, the original “Catfish,” before the term even existed and her 4 year old daughter Wisdom is the best thing to ever happen to her.

“I was so consumed with what Ike and I had built, that I didn’t know who I was anymore.”

Nicollette Mollet On Realizing Her Dream

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“I experimented with photography for the first time in middle school.”

Nicollette Mollet loves fashion. It’s been her inspiration since she was a young girl with dreams of becoming a fashion photographer. Listen in as she talks about how she made it happen and what it looks like today.

“My fashion work is kind of like my artwork.”

0:26 A Little Bit About Nicollette

5:17 Dreams Come True

7:34 Starting a Business

9:50 Learning The Hard Way

12:00 The Results of Pricing Appropriately

13:13 The Client Experience

16:12 Collaborating with Hair and Makeup Artists

18:45 Frequency, Post, and the Sale

23:20 Breaking into the Industry Today

24:44 Where to Find Nicollette

“We treat each senior shoot like a fashion shoot.”

Having received her BFA in Photography from The Art Institute of Dallas in December 2013 [with Dean’s Honors], Nicollette Mollet currently resides in Dallas, TX.

Nicollette has been fortunate enough to receive many awards such as Outstanding Graduate and Best Portfolio from The Art Institute of Dallas, 17th Annual Photographic Award by Toni & Guy Salon/Academy, and The People’s Choice Award from RAW Natural Born Artists: RAWards Semi-Finals. She has also been featured in multiple events and galleries such as Million Air’s Wings & Wheels Events, Pegasus Gallery, RAW: Natural Born Artists: Encompass & Semi-Finalists (Director’s Highlights). Her work has been featured in publications such as Papercity, Modern Luxury DALLAS, LIVING Magazine, The Urban Well Magazine, Wallflower Zine, GLASSbook, ATLAS Magazine, Elléments Magazine, THRWD Magazine, Elegant Mag, La Mode Dallas, and many more.

Nicollette enjoys capturing the human emotions and movements of all kinds of beautiful people while never forgetting to incorporate the fashion and aesthetics.

“The way I work is so against industry standard.”

Sean Brown - An Intro to Video Marketing

About Photo New.jpg

“I started building that brand and tweaking it and finally I realized…that this could be a living.”

Sean Brown is a young senior photographer who has his finger on the pulse of today’s clientele. He’s an expert at incorporating video into his marketing and he believes it’s essential for you to do the same. Get ready to take some notes as he flies through his thoughts and ideas.

“As long as you’re a good business person, you’re gonna make it.”

0:26 Who is Sean Brown?

4:07 Video Marketing Exposes You (and That’s a Good Thing)

5:47 Leveraging Platforms Explained

7:50 Shooting and Editing Video

9:16 Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Video (Outsourcing)

11:24 Instagram TV, YouTube and Periscope!

17:01 Instagram Story Highlights

19:11 Video Tips and Tricks

21:24 Finding Sean

“Get to know your audience. Engage with your audience.”

Sean Brown is based out of Vancouver, WA and specializes in high school senior photography. Along with being published in numerous magazines, he has been named four years running as one of the Top 100 High School Senior Photographers in the nation by Senior Style Guide Magazine and one of the Top 25 Up & Coming Senior Photographers by The Twelfth Year and Modern Teen Style Magazine. Sean has been asked to speak at photography conferences and is an educator to other photographers. He loves teaching and helping other photographers by giving them the necessary tools to take their business to the next level.

“Move quickly (when incorporating video).”

Audrey Woulard On Justice and Working Hard for What You Want


“It’s very hard for me to be in a position where I know something’s wrong and not say it. That’s not who I am.”

Audrey Woulard is passionate. She speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to stand up for the underdog (she also considers herself an underdog of sorts). Hear what she has to say about the state of the industry, fighting for justice, and working hard.

“If you’re not the underdog, people tend not to like you.”

0:52 “I’m very opinionated.”

1:24 Passion for Justice

4:01 Why did you leave?

6:07 Let’s go back…

8:01 Getting Picked On

11:08 Industry Injustice

16:33 Risk and Reputation

20:44 Defense Mechanism

22:24 Meeting Earlier

23:46 Kids

26:48 A Story

32:27 Right Thing Wrong Way?

37:36 What Audrey Needs to Work On

“People want to stand out, but they don’t have the guts to stand out.”

Audrey Woulard began her photographic career capturing portraits of young children and families. Several years later, it has been an amazing experience! Aside from her studio work, she’s traveled the world, teaching photographers in places like London, Australia and The Netherlands. She’s had numerous commercial assignments with corporate giants like Pottery Barn Kids, IAMs pet food and Advocate Healthcare. Today, Audrey has made a transition back to her roots, but in typical Audrey fashion, she’s doing it a bit differently. She exclusively photographs teen and tweens and has extended that business to even include her own teen print fashion magazine, called Kids and the City (KATC).  Sought-after teacher, phenomenal photographer, and creative artist, Audrey Woulard delivers it all!


Facebook: audreywoulardphotography

Instagram: kidsandthecity

“If everyone wants the red sweater, I want the green one.”

Tara Rochelle On Incorporating Styling

tara headshot.jpg

“(Photographing) seniors wasn’t on my radar.”

Tara Rochelle grabs inspiration from the fashion industry and incorporates it into her senior photography business on the West Coast. She’s laid back, but very driven. She knows what she wants and how to get it. Listen in as she talks about incorporating styling into your photo shoots so much that she begins to lose her voice!

“I’ve always been inspired by the fashion industry.”

1:13 Everyone’s a Taurus

2:36 West Coast Represent

5:45 Little by Little

9:44 The Not-So Secret to Success

11:02 The Fashion Style

12:54 The Dad Question

17:00 Styling Advice

19:47 Creative Outlet

20:44 The Process

25:17 Iceland, Social Media, and Getting Out There

27:22 Where to Find Tara

“I have to be “on” and gauge the other person.”

Tara Rochelle is based in sunny Los Angeles California and specializes in fashion infused portraits for teens and high school seniors. Taking her inspiration from the fashion industry, Tara is able to pose and direct her subjects In a modern yet classic style that her clients and their parents love. Her outgoing and fun personality help to put even the most shy subjects quickly as ease. Her imagery is highly sought after and clients come from across the country to work with her. Tara has  been featured in numerous publications including Senior Style Guide's HOT 100 issue where she was been awarded icon status every year and has been named a Leading Legend Judge for 2016 and 2019. Tara's work has also been featured in People Magazine, InStyle, Mozi Magazine, Lemonade & Lenses, and she is a regular contributor to Inside SCV for their fashion editorials..

“If people say, ‘What do you like to do in your spare time?’ It’s still shooting…but it’s what I want to shoot.”

Christina Ramirez is in a Rut


“I am in a rut. A major creative rut.”

Christina Ramirez is in a rut. And she wants to talk about it. Come along as she processes some issues and develops some potential solutions.

“What they don’t talk about is that it becomes monotonous.”

1:07 Who is Christina Ramirez?

3:57 The Bridesmaidzilla

5:34 In a Rut

8:48 What am I afraid of?

10:59 Changing It Up

12:18 A Conversation Worth Having

13:58 The Most

15:19 Ego

17:04 The Levee Needs to Break

20:07 What needs to be done?

21:14 Accountability

23:16 Tables Turned

26:26 A Solution?

“I’ve become an over-thinker.”

Christina Ramirez operates a studio in downtown San Antonio, Texas. She left a job in corporate banking for photography 6 years ago and has been specializing in senior portraits for the last 4.5 years. Her love for all things colorful and bold has helped shape the photographic style she is known for yet she’s always seeking ways to grow and evolve and is the first to encourage others to do the same. Christina has a degree in education so teaching photography and mentoring is something she truly enjoys. She has had the honor of speaking at Senior Style Guide’s PUSH conference for 3 years, along with speaking at Conference 12, The Blink Conference and Reset Conference. Christina has been published in Senior Style Guide, Modern Teen Style, ShootProof Blog and has received numerous awards including Hot 100 Senior Photographer 5 years in a row including ICON status the last 3 years. She was recently named “Best Portrait Photographer in San Antonio” by Expertise for her 2nd time. Aside from speaking at photography conferences, mentoring and running her business, Christina is a dreamer, obsessed with self-help books and podcasts, is a travel-lover and married to her best friend. 

Social Media



Snapchat: @cramirezphoto



“It’s just a matter of getting in there and just doing it.”